How To Become Entrepreneur

How To Become Entrepreneur

In today’s article, we are going to tell you how to become an Entrepreneur? How to become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur means the New Age CEO who builds his own business on his own. Which is called entrepreneur. They can also be called startups.

Indian youth are seeing a new change in the last few years. Many young people are leaving their jobs and forming their own company. Whether he studied at IIT, IIM or a big college or worked on a package of good salary in a multinational company. They are seeing a new trend.

He wants to leave his good salary job and take his own business by taking risks. The first name of all these is from startups like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong, Craftsvilla. All these online businesses are also e-commerce companies and the founders of all these companies have become billion-dollar owners in a very short period of time.

That’s why many youth are succeeding even after less investment. Suppose you are sitting in Mumbai and you feel like eating Mathura laddus or parathas of Chandni Chouk and you will definitely like it if your wish is fulfilled in a few hours without leaving the house.

A few years ago, if someone used to say such things, he would be called an idiot. But with the rise of the Internet in today’s time, nothing is more impossible than going online. Today, many such companies have come, which are bringing the world’s famous things to your home. Be it famous hotel dishes or cinema tickets or books of your choice, you have it with one click.

Today, these young youngsters are leaving the big businessmen behind in a few years. To name a few, who left the job and started the company. Till now, there were discussion of growth of companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple at global level. But in no time, this startup seems to be beating all these people in terms of earnings. No one had even thought about it.

What are the things you need to be an Entrepreneur?

  • To become an entrepreneur you must have the capacity to take risks.
  • You will have to quit the job for the entrepreneur, because for this you have to concentrate your mind completely.
  • Think that when these people can make a company by applying small ideas then why not you.
  • If you do not want to work, then this is not for you.
  • Always keep positive thinking.

What is not Entrepreneurship.

  • Entrepreneurship is not a 10 to 5 job. This is a 24*7 job.
  • A person with only the purpose of doing a job cannot become an Entrepreneur, because even a little bit of lapses in it can destroy your business.
  • But if you are successful once, then there is no need to look back.
  • You have to work hard in the initial time.

What are the challenges?

  • Even today there is not as much craze among the people of the society regarding startup.
  • People here always ask to make their child a doctor, engineer, but not an Entrepreneurship, whereas this is a job that is honorable and respected.
  • There have been some changes in big cities, but in small cities people still run after jobs.
  • Whenever you want to do something new, people tell you that this idea will not succeed, hey I have seen many people fail.

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